Women Designing the Future Conference: Intelligent Uses of Artificial Intelligence

Join us at NJIT’s annual Women Designing the Future Conference (WDF) on March 22, 2024, themed “Intelligent Uses of Artificial Intelligence: Making Technology Work for All of Us.” This year, we dive into AI beyond the hype, addressing nuanced socio-political concerns and exploring opportunities for human-AI collaboration. We'll discuss how generative AI might deepen systemic inequities and strategies to harness AI for social good. The conference is cosponsored by the NSF-funded New Jersey Equity in Commercialization Collective (NJECC), an ADVANCE Partnership project focusing on gender and racial equity in academic technology commercialization.

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This program is supported by NSF ADVANCE Partnership: New Jersey Equity in Commercialization Collective

(NJECC), NSF award HRD-2121941.

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